The brand

We are a brand of handcrafted artisan sandals made in Mexico with local materials and textiles, which fuses the artisan world and its techniques with a contemporary design, thus achieving fine and unique pieces.


To be a collaborative project with various artisan groups operating within fair trade, with the firm intention of showcasing the talent of craftswomen and their work, aiming to have them recognized for the value they truly deserve, and thus, encouraging the purchase of traditional Mexican products. We wholeheartedly support and promote the preservation of cultural heritage while providing economic opportunities. We constantly striving to create the best version of each of our pieces.

We aim to strengthen our sororal-driven economic project by empowering and supporting the women involved in the entire Pawuamba Project, cultivating an environment where we can collectively grow and thrive together. We believe that the social impact among women can contribute to building a better world. This is not about feminism, but a genuine and selfless social pact among women with the goal of helping each other. Our purpose is to establish collaborative relationships with women-led companies or those employing female labor who share our vision and passion.


Passion: We know that the origin of things matters, which is why we work to preserve Mexican textile traditions and enhance them with each of our collections. We continuously strive to make the best version of each of our pieces.


Commitment: We make each piece unique, always seeking to provoke and inspire amazement in each of our customers. Every pair of sandals is crafted with a promise of quality, comfort and love.


-          Environmental Sustainability: We are dedicated to preserving our beautiful planet, which is why we make efforts to minimize our environmental impact through responsible waste management, avoiding unnecessary harm.


-          Social Responsibility: The community is the heart of our brand. We work closely with local artisans, foundations, and businesses, promoting fair trade and dignified working conditions.


Empathy: We always aim to establish closeness, transparency, and understanding with each of our customers, collaborators, and everyone involved in the project.


Humanity: We strive to become a meaningful part of women's daily lives, learning to appreciate the simple pleasures of everyday living and connecting with them. Be able to identify those moments when our brand can bring joy to the surroundings. We act, feel, and express ourselves genuinely.