We are a sororal-driven economic project. From the very beginning of creating the brand, it was clear to us that it had to be a project created by women for women. To this day, we collaborate with various groups of craftswomen, foundations, brands, and companies, the majority of which are led by women.

We believe that the social impact among women can contribute to building a better world. This is not about feminism, but a genuine and selfless social pact among women with the goal of helping each other grow, both personally and professionally.

We aim to strengthen our sororal-driven economic project by empowering and supporting the women involved in the entire Pawuamba Project, promoting solidarity among us, and creating an environment where we can collectively grow and thrive together.



The Pawuamba project is made possible thanks to the participation of talented women from different artisan groups, institutions, and companies who share our values, passion, and commitment to handmade craftsmanship and created with love.


A project made by women for women!