Pawuamba, the magic of handmade

PAWUAMBA means 'the person of tomorrow' in Purépecha, a native Mexican language. It symbolizes the journey toward one's best self.

The name, besides being a part of the third-generation roots of the brand's creators, originates from the fusion of a Mexican dialect with the concept of crafting authentic footwear, ensuring that each pair represents an enhanced expression of the magic of handmade.

We know that the origin of things matters, which is why all our products feature an artisanal production process carried out by women from indigenous and rural communities within fair trade and drawing inspiration from Mexican culture and traditional crafts.

We constantly strive to make the best version of each of our pieces, preserving traditional Mexican textile techniques, and enhancing them with each of our collections. Our goal is to give artisanal design the recognition it deserves while supporting and promoting the preservation of cultural heritage.

We take pride in being a sororal-driven project, with the aim of nurturing personal growth and providing economic opportunities for women. We believe that the social impact among women can contribute to building a better world. Our purpose is to establish collaborative relationships with women-led companies or those employing female labor who share our vision and passion.

The Pawuamba project is made possible through the participation of talented women from different artisan groups, institutions, and companies who share our values, passion, and commitment to handmade craftsmanship and created with love.