Bani is a combination of the love for Mexico, textile traditions, and new design trends that come together to create a modern personality.

They aim to reflect the love for our country by being a brand that supports Oaxacan artisans and advocates for the high quality of manual labor. This is why we are proud to say that Bani is a brand where fair trade is one of their guiding values.

Each piece they create involves hours of effort and work by their designers, artisans, and craftsmen, as all their products are made using Pedal Looms. Among their artisans who master the tradition of the pedal loom are Jesús, Bocho, and Julio, while Cris and Itzel are responsible for the final assembly of the pieces.

"Bani" means "from the earth" in Zapotec, which is why their products, including bags, clothing, and decorations, are made from recycled materials, striving to be a sustainable brand at every step of creating their exceptional products.

Each sandal in the Zero Waste collaboration with Bani is a unique production. You won't find two alike, as they are created from the Pedal Loom scraps from Bani's productions, giving them a new life without losing the essence and legacy preserved in their embroideries and fabrics. In this way, we embrace their stories, techniques, and the knowledge passed down from generation to generation in an environmentally responsible manner.

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