Taller Maya is part of the World Fair Trade Organization.

They do fair trade with more than 200 artisans from 40 communities in Yucatán.
Taller Maya is a collective brand of Mexican design, formed by artisan social enterprises from Yucatan and a creative team that works to preserve the living Mayan culture. They work with different communities of artisans to strengthen value chains and generate sustainable sources of income for them, through the creation and fair marketing of handmade pieces.
Taller Maya was born in 2002 as a response to an initiative to recover Mayan culture techniques and training and self-management programs led by Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya. Today they collaborate with 42 artisan workshops in 32 communities in Yucatán.
Each of its pieces represents the dialogue between the wisdom of Mayan culture and contemporary design.‍
Learn more about Taller Maya in www.tallermaya.org