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Baní and Pawuamba join forces in collaboration to create a Zero Waste collection.

Zero Waste is achieved by ensuring that all raw materials or resources used in the creation of a piece have been strategically planned to reduce environmental impact; in other words, to do more with less.

This collection arises as a response to the environmental impact present in the fashion world with the idea of raising awareness about the waste generated in artisanal productions through the design of unique pieces that highlight the exceptional talent of artisans in a colorful and vibrant way.

Each sandal in this collaboration is a unique production; you won't find two alike as they are created with scraps of pedal loom textile woven by artisans in the state of Oaxaca, taken from the productions of bags and clothing by Baní, giving them a new life without losing the essence and legacy preserved in their embroideries and fabrics.

Learn more about this collaboration at www.baniartesanal.com


Flat sandal in ivory colour made from regenerated materials with comfort sole and multicolored pedal loom textile. Finished with a pointed tip.

-With special padded sole for greater comfort.

VARIANTS: Each piece is unique; you won't find two alike. Being pieces created from scraps of Pedal Loom from Baní productions, none are identical; each piece has unique variations in weaving patterns, texture, and shades ranging from black to gray. The images shown are a reference of the colour.

CUT: Textile. Multicolored Pedal Loom application.

TECHNIQUE: Pedal Loom.

REGION: Oaxaca.

COLOR: Purple and white.