<tc>LUM ÉBANO</tc>
<tc>LUM ÉBANO</tc>
<tc>LUM ÉBANO</tc>
<tc>LUM ÉBANO</tc>
<tc>LUM ÉBANO</tc>


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Sandals made by artist hands from Zinacantan and the Sierra Gorda Queretana based on a waist loom and cotton thread, reflecting the beauty of the culture where they were created, symbolizing and exalting the art of the handmade products.

Lum means " Soil " in the Mayan language Tsotsil -native Mexican Language- spoken in Zinacantan, these sandals were born with the intention of paying homage to our home; Mexico, a country full of richness and diversity.

The colour inspiration of LUM Ebony comes from a type of mystical and very special tropical wood native to the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This tree is endemic to the northeast of the country, mainly in Tamaulipas, as well as Coahuila, Nuevo León, and San Luis Potosí. One of its most distinctive features is its colour; its almost black, dark hue makes it rare and coveted, setting it apart perfectly from any other type of tree.

Flat sandal in black colour made from regenerated materials with comfort sole and black waist loom textile, assembled with black cotton thread and black details. Finished in Semi-square toe.

-Includes special padded sole for greater comfort.

AVAILABLE COLORS: Cacao (Brown), Crudo (Ecru), Ocaso (Orange) and Ébano (black).

UPPER: Textile. Application of waist loom and cotton thread assembly.

TECHNIQUE: Waist loom and freehand assembly.

 REGION: Zinacantán, Chiapas and Sierra Gorda Queretana.